Interview with Basilis Kanonidis from Creativeg

Basilis Kanonidis is the co-founder of creativeG. He lives in Thessaloniki, Greece.

You will learn more about WordPress, recommended tool stuff he is doing with WordPress, and much more in this interview with Basilis Kanonidis.

Are you interested in finding out more? Let’s get started with the interview.

Interview with Basilis Kanonidis

Interview With Basilis Kanonidis

1. Welcome to the SiteReform interview series, Basilis. Could you tell our readers a little about yourself? Among the various CMS platforms available, why did you choose WordPress?

I am a WordPress Architect at this point. I do not develop on top of it anymore myself.

After years I have figured out the right frameworks for my team and me to generate websites in no time. We call this NoCode, as we do almost everything by touching the actual code as little as possible.

We use WordPress and other tools like NoCodeAPI, which is basically the main reason we chose it.

Nowadays, I am focused more on Product & Business Management rather than on building actually on top of WordPress and scaling businesses & products.

2. Your company, creativeG, provides product & business consulting; how and why did you pivot to that?

Because we need to evolve the same way the web is evolving.

It was never my goal to simply build a website and leave my customers. I was doing much more with them, helping them grow their business, create new products, and so on.

Eventually, the transition was normal. Now I do have an internal team that handles design and development.

3. Is there anything readers should know about all the stuff you’re doing right now?

Specifically, I have focused on WP CLI on the WordPress side of things.

We have helped many companies build tools on top of it. What I suggest, though, these days is more tools that are No Code.

I believe businesses can launch without writing a single line of code.

4. What has been your most interesting experience since you started your career?

The flexibility to work on multiple projects and build multiple products.

I have never really struggled. I used to go easy because I have had that luck.

I do believe that nothing is luck, but I am sure there is something like a North Star for all of us, and we need to find it.

5. In every coin, there is a flip side. Freelancing has both successes and failures. Some say freelancing isn’t a reliable source of income. How do you see freelancing as a career?

I believe this depends on each one of us.

Some people make millions from Freelancing. That depends on how you see life, no? If you want to be independent and not worry about anything, go freelancing. If you want to build something great, get hired.

6. Regarding speed and security, what are your recommendations for optimizing WordPress websites?

There is a new product called Airlift from the WPRemote team that I tried, and I am impressed with the results. While it is still in beta, I believe it will be a feature of speed optimization.

7. Which plugins are your favorite? What are some of the tools you use most frequently?

I mainly use WPRemote, BlogVault and Malcare. You will find them on almost every installation that I am creating.

For me, having a single point of failure and being able to restore backup and security and the most important aspects of the business.

8. How do you see the future of WordPress?

More companies will try to be into the SAAS game while focusing on WordPress. There are many ways to do so, and I will be happy to speak with anyone interested.

9. What are your long-term goals/plans? This could be personal or professional.

I want to keep growing. I want to improve my understanding and education at this stage of my life.

I spend a lot of time learning, educating myself, and seeing new opportunities.

10. What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working on your laptop?

I run my Pizza Place, which I have built as a side business. I love pizza.

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