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Fabrizio Van Marciano is a proud father of two, a devoted husband, a professional blogger, a YouTube content creator, and a Podcaster.

He spends most of his time residing and working in North Devon, the South West of England, in the UK.

At Magnet4Blogging, Fabrizio discusses a range of topics;

  • Blogging tips and advice
  • WordPress Tutorials
  • Conversion optimization
  • Marketing

Whenever Fabrizio is not creating content for a blog, YouTube channel, or podcast, he enjoys spending time with his family. For Fabrizio, having the freedom lifestyle has been the most rewarding aspect of being a full-time blogger and solopreneur.

In this interview with Fabrizio Van Marciano, let’s explore his strategies that you can use to build a profitable blog in the long run.

Are you interested in finding out more? Let’s get started with the interview.

Interview with Fabrizio Van Marciano

Interview With Fabrizio Van Marciano

1. Hi Fabrizio, It’s great to have you here. Everyone knows you in the blogging industry but still following the tradition of interviews; please introduce yourself to our audience.

First of all, thank you so much for the opportunity, Rohit. My name is Fabrizio Van Marciano; I’m the founder and blogger at and a designer and content creator at Fabrizio Van Marciano dot com.

2. How did you get into blogging?

I got into blogging out of curiosity. Before that, I had been running an eCommerce business for almost four years.

So my online journey started in 2006. I discovered blogging was a powerful marketing tactic for driving traffic and increasing brand awareness.

Eventually, sometime in 2010, I succumbed to starting a blog from scratch and trying to turn it into a profitable business, and Magnet4Blogging was born.

3. How has been your blogging journey so far?

I never imagined that I would continue blogging today, 12 years after starting my first blog. At the time, it was simply a venture I thought I would try out.

After starting Magnet4Blogging, I created many other blogs in various niches. None of them were very successful, and I made many mistakes along the way.

I learned quickly not to spread my resources too thin and to stick to something I was passionate about. I am teaching blogging by sharing my journey, experiences, knowledge, and insights.

My blogging journey has been enlightening. I’ve met some incredible people in my journey through blogging, and I cannot be thankful enough for them.

Some of the folks I’ve connected with over the years are still blogging today, which is great to see, and some sadly are no longer blogging.

Nevertheless, I’ve learned something valuable from each person I’ve met through blogging, whether it’s another author, reader, entrepreneur, etc.

Through blogging, I’ve also been able to become more self-aware than ever before. I’ve identified my strengths and weaknesses, learning new skills along the way, enabling me to do what I’m doing today.

4. What is your most significant achievement outside of blogging?

Outside of the blogging world, my most significant achievement is my family. Second is my business, and the third is my well-being and mental health.

I don’t put my businesses or blogging before my family. Without them, I would have no reason to do any of this. My passion comes from them, which probably sounds cliche, but it’s true. It is what it is, as the saying goes.

5. Now that you are a successful blogger, what do you owe it to?

Firstly, I think there are different levels of success in blogging.

For some, it’s about money, popularity, and lifestyle. But for me, it’s definitely about having the freedom to manage my time.

To be able to do my own thing without answering anyone. I can decide what days I want to work and what days I want to have off in an instant.

So far, I owe my success to having incredible passion, perseverance, and consistency. Those are the three ingredients you need to have to succeed in anything, whether blogging or something else entirely.

It would be fair to say that I’ve spent more time building my blog and online businesses than with my family in the last ten years.

They have been incredibly supportive, and now my children are inspired to become bloggers and content creators, which makes me very proud. Though, I would love them to follow their paths rather than mine.

Don’t get me wrong. Blogging and entrepreneurship have allowed me to spend more quality time with the people who matter in my life; otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to do that. But I’ve had to sacrifice a lot of things along the way.

They say time is the most valuable thing a person can spend, and without sounding morbid, we all eventually run out of it, so it’s important to give that time to whatever makes you happy in life.

6. Is there anything readers should know about everything you’re doing now?

So right now, I’m doing a little more than just blogging at Magnet4Blogging.

I’m spending a lot of time building my online business as a freelance web designer and content creator at Fabrizio Van Marciano Dot Com.

Based on my experience in developing websites and blogs over the past 12 years, I have created an online course that helps entrepreneurs, startups, and bloggers develop a unique professional WordPress website using Oxygen Builder.

I currently have just over 100 students signed up, and I love every moment of teaching what I know.

In addition, I’m also spending time creating content for my YouTube channel and my Podcast for Magnet4Blogging.

7. What are the ways you use to monetize your blog?

For my blog at Magnet4Blogging, the main monetization strategy is affiliate marketing. I’ve done this since day one, and it is by far my most successful tactic. I’ve tried many other methods, but affiliate marketing always takes the top spot.

I monetize my brand business and blog on Fabrizio Van Marciano Dot Com using product reviews, YouTube tutorial videos, and digital products. And, of course, providing creative services.

8. What are the top keyword research tools that you use?

For a long time, I never used a keyword tool. But around five years ago, I started learning how to use a few, which has been useful in creating high-quality traffic-generating blog posts for my blog.

My favorite keyword tools are Long Tail Pro and SEMrush.

9. If you had to start your blog from scratch, how would you start over?

If I could start over, I would be a lot more organized. I would first focus on crafting the best 50 pieces of evergreen content for my blog while growing my email list.

And then, I would begin growing audiences on other channels, such as YouTube.

I would leave things like monetization and creating products until last. Quality content drives readers to a blog, so it’s important to focus on the content before monetization.

10. When it comes to online marketing, what’s your #1 tip for beginners?

Grow your email list. It’s been said before again and again. Forget social media; focus on growing your readership first.

The power of email is underrated.

You also don’t need a large list to be successful. A few hundred highly engaging subscribers are all you need to grow a successful blog from the start.

11. Can you share all the blogging tools you use? Why do you use them?

I use quite a few tools, and I do have a list of resources on my blog, but the stand-out tools that I use every day in my blogging business are –

  1. CoSchedule – This web-based app has been a huge timesaver for me, and I’ve used it since around 2017. It’s not cheap; I know this – however, it’s enabled me to manage all of my blog content ideas, marketing, social media, email, and social analytics in one place. I never need to have more than a few tabs open in my browser, thanks to using CoSchedule.
  2. Rank Math SEO – For me, this is the number one SEO plugin for WordPress to use in 2023. I don’t like spending too much time optimizing my content for SEO, and Rank Math SEO makes the process very easy for me to do.
  3. Grammarly – When it comes to making my content easy to read by a wider audience, no other tool helps to do that better than Grammarly. Again, a huge time saver and a must-have tool for every blogger.
  4. Structured – Structured is a mobile and desktop app that I use to organize and structure my daily activities hour by hour. I use this every day to make sure I don’t wonder off onto the path of procrastination 🙂

12. How do you promote your blog?

The first thing I do to promote a new blog post is to send out an email newsletter followed by a push notification. These help to drive traffic to the new content.

Sometimes I will add a video or podcast to the blog post, and these help my audiences on other channels find my content.

After this, I will do some social media promotion on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

13. What is the one mistake you think most bloggers are making today? And how to stop?

The biggest mistake I notice, especially being made by new bloggers, is trying to rush the process of building a blog.

Blogging takes time, like anything else worth pursuing in life. And when you rush things, you miss out on critical opportunities.

I also see many bloggers stick with the same old routine and create content only for their blog and nowhere else.

One of the best things I ever did as a blogger was to expand beyond my blog, creating content and growing audiences on other channels, such as YouTube.

14. Do you believe blogging to be profitable in the long run?

In the long run, as in the future? I think people will always need blogs, and as long as the internet is still around, blogging can continue to be profitable.

However, the mechanics of blogging have evolved along with how we can monetize our blogs.

We can take so many opportunities to make an income from blogging now, and we’re not just stuck with using Google ads and affiliate marketing.

15. Do you have a separate office for blogging, or do you work from home? Can you share some pictures of your workstation?

I work from home 90% of the time. I’m based in the UK, but I do travel to the Canary Islands for vacation and work as I have web design clients based there too.

I have my own home office space with everything I need to work and create content for all my marketing channels, from writing blog posts to recording videos and podcasts.

Fabrizio's workstation
Workstation of Fabrizio

16. Do you have a team or work solo? If you have a team, how do you hire and manage them to get work done productively?

I work solo most of the time. Although my wife Samantha is part of my team, she helps with the business twice a week. Hopefully, one day this will be a full-time venture for her too.

17. What is your daily routine, from waking up to going to sleep?

I wake up around 6 am daily and do my miracle morning routine for an hour. This is something I’ve been doing for the last four years.

So in my morning routine, I’ll do some Yoga, reading, meditation, and sometimes go for a quick 5KM run before grabbing a shower.

I eat breakfast with the family, and once the kids are dropped off at school, I begin my working day at 9 am.

I stop around 3 pm to collect my kids from school, and then the family routine begins until around 7 pm, which is the time I’m usually back in my office working until around 10 pm.

Sleep is important to me, and I try to get 7 hours daily, no more or less. I can perform my best if I maintain the same sleep each night.

Final thoughts about Fabrizio Van Marciano’s Interview

The key to being a successful blogger is maintaining consistency and working hard on your blogging goals. Aim for long-term results by being consistent and focusing on what works, as Fabrizio does.

His blog is worth reading if you’re looking for quality advice.

Which part of Fabrizio Van Marciano’s interview did you find most interesting? Would you like to ask him a question? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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