4 Free Ways to Find Trending Topics for Blog in 2023

So you selected your niche and looking for trending topics for blog 2023?

Awesome! In this guide, you’ll learn to find trending topics for blogs with minimal effort. In niche blogging, getting ideas for trending issues is challenging.

Once you have decided to start a blog and selected a niche according to your knowledge and passion, the next thing you need is an idea of trending topics for the blog.

Although creating a list of content ideas is not rocket science when you know what you want to make, it still requires some research.

If you focus your blog on SEO, you should write about topics that connect well with your audience on social media.

Some examples of SEO niche blogs:

  • What’s SEO, and Why it’s essential for a website?
  • How to do SEO on a website
  • What are the best SEO tools?
  • What is better, SEO or PPC?
  • And so on.

If you feel it is laborious to find trending topics for the blog to get visibility and traffic, this post will guide you to do it with minimal work.

Why Should You Write Blogs on Trending Topics?

Here’s the following reason to write on trending topics:

  • Content on trending topics is more valuable to the reader than outdated topics.
  • Readers love such content, and you’ll get more comments and share over blog posts and social media channels, respectively.
  • New content has a better chance of ranking in search engines.

What are the Best Ways to Find Trending Topics for Blog?

1. Use Quora (Best for Beginners to Advanced)

Quora is a question-and-answer website where millions of people ask questions, answer, follow, and edit.

You can use this best platform to discover tons of trending topics for blogs just by following the relevant topics to your niche.

Quora allows you to explore your niche by following the most discussed topics and finding out what your target audience cares about.

Let’s do some practical work.

Do practice with me for better understanding.

Let me go to Quora.com and Search Fitness on the Quora search box.

Amazing! You can see what I received after searching the niche.

I got hundreds of questions asked on the Quora platform. You can search keywords/niches/topics in Quora.

I attached a screenshot of only one screen for reference; keep scrolling, and you’ll see more questions.

To find the latest asked question in Quora, you can use filters.

Select Past day in the filter option to get a list of users’ questions in the last 24 hours.

You can also follow spaces related to your niche to get regular updates in your Quora account timeline.

2. Explore Google Trends

Google Trends is a free tool from Google that helps you analyze what the world is searching for.

Google Trends is pretty straightforward.

You enter a search query, hit enter, and see a graph showing the popularity of the search term or topic over time.

But you need to understand that the numbers on the graph do not directly represent search volume.

Each data point represents relative popularity and is plotted on the graph on a scale from 0-100 based on a topic’s proportion to all searches.

Google Trends can help you to:

  • With Google Trends, you can enter any keyword phrase and observe trends in the amount of interest in that topic over any period.
  • You can use Google Trends to know when to produce content that is likely to be highly searched, especially during particular times of the year, such as the holidays.
  • With Google Trend predictions, you can simplify your keyword research.

3. Research on Medium

You probably know a lot about Medium as it has become one of the most popular content-sharing platforms, with users sharing their content on a wide range of trending topics.

You can also write and publish content on Medium to share your knowledge and expertise.

Let’s see how you can find trending topics from your blog.

  • Go to Most Popular on Medium and see trending content published over Medium. Take ideas from there and write your own in your blog.
  • Go to Topics on Medium and follow the topics you want to explore. You’ll get trending content ideas on a specific niche by clicking over any topic.
  • You can follow good writers/authors of your niche to get notifications of newly published articles by them.

4. Answer the Public Tool

Answer the Public is a powerful long-tail keyword tool that helps you to discover suggested search terms that Google and Bing provide.

Using Answer the Public, you can better understand the reader’s emotions and motivations behind their questions.

Go to Answer the Public and type your keyword or niche to explore.

You’ll get the result in the following five categories:

  • Question
  • Preposition
  • Comparison
  • Alphabetical
  • Related

FAQs About Finding Highly Trending topics for blogs

How do I find the perfect niche for my blog?

Experts will always suggest you write about what you know. But that’s not enough. Finding a sustainable niche to live in is the key to success.

Here are a few quick ways to choose for your niche.

1. Discuss something that interests you.

2. Check if it’s a profitable niche by keyword research.

3. Learn about trends and prospects of the niche

What type of blogs makes the most money?

Don’t be confused over the profitability of any niche. You can always sell if your readers are interested in reading your content. Make your content enjoyable by choosing trending topics that people like to read.

What are the best practices while finding blog ideas

1. Understand the customer needs by joining Discussion Forums.

2. Do a small survey related to your upcoming content on your social media channel and mention the survey result while writing content.

3. Find out the hottest topics in your niche using trending hashtags.

Final Thoughts

You can use the above-shared trending topic-finding techniques at any level of blogging.

If you’re creating content in 2023 without targeting traffic-generating keywords, you’ll find ranking very difficult.

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I hope this post has answered your queries concerning where to find trending topics for blogs.

Please let me know if you have any more queries about finding trending blog topics.

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