Save Google AdSense Account from Ban: Google AdSense Mistakes

When you start earning money with Adsense, it is essential to understand Google AdSense policies. You may violate the guidelines unintentionally, and your account may get suspended or even deleted.

However, to keep your account active and running smoothly, read the policies carefully and abide by them so your Adsense account remains intact and functional.

There have been a lot of discussions lately around Adsense bans, with people wondering why their Adsense account was banned and what they can do to get it back.

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Here are a few AdSense tips that will help you stay on the right track:

Save Google AdSense Account From Ban In 2023

1. Avoid Copyright Violation

Google is strict about copyrighted content. It is against Google AdSense’s policy to run ads containing any copyrighted material.

Adsense doesn’t allow putting it on the site if it distributes copyrighted content. So, if your site is distributing copyrighted content, you need to remove all the instances of Adsense from it.

image 11 Save Google AdSense Account from Ban: Google AdSense Mistakes

Your AdSense serving might be disabled without warning if you violate this policy.

2. Avoid Invalid Clicks

Publishers who sign up for Adsense tend to ask friends to click on their ads using different IP addresses.

To avoid getting your Adsense account suspended, it is important to understand Google’s Adsense terms of service and comply with all the policies mentioned therein. By doing so, you can avoid any invalid clicks and stay on good terms with the world’s most popular ad network.

3. Never Show AdSense ads in Pop-ups, Emails, or Software

Advertising on the internet is a vital source of revenue for businesses. However, like anything else, advertising has rules that need to be followed to avoid penalties.

One such important rule is Google AdSense’s strict ad placement guidelines. If you’re not following these guidelines, your ads may be blocked or removed from Google AdSense.

image 12 Save Google AdSense Account from Ban: Google AdSense Mistakes

The most important thing to understand is that AdSense advertisements cannot be placed in pop-ups, pop-unders, emails, or software. Stop showing your ads in these places to prevent your Adsense account from being suspended by Google.

4. Never Use Traffic Bots

You should reconsider that strategy if you use bot traffic to buy AdSense clicks.

According to Google AdSense’s policy, it is not permitted to purchase traffic through automated means, including bots. Your account may be terminated if caught doing so, and any earnings will be voided.

image 10 Save Google AdSense Account from Ban: Google AdSense Mistakes

This aligns with Google’s mission of keeping AdSense traffic quality high and ensuring that content creators, not bots earn clicks.

5. Follow Blog’s Language Guidelines

You might be in trouble if you use your approved AdSense account to show ads on a blog in unsupported language.

Your blog must be written in one of the supported languages to qualify for the AdSense program. If your blog is written in a language not supported by Google, this could lead to your AdSense account being banned. So, ensure your blog is written in a supported language before you start displaying ads on it!

6. Never Click Own Ads in Greed

As a beginner blogger using AdSense for the first time, it’s probably natural to want to increase your revenue as soon as possible.

image 13 Save Google AdSense Account from Ban: Google AdSense Mistakes

But fraudulent activities like clicking on your own ads aren’t helping you do that. They could get you banned from using AdSense completely. Google clearly stated in its policy that “You must not abuse or manipulate our systems to generate clicks on your own ads.”

7. Don’t Change Google AdSense Ad Code and Text

According to Google’s Adsense TOS (Terms of Service), any alteration in ad code is strictly prohibited and will lead to severe consequences for your account.

image 14 Save Google AdSense Account from Ban: Google AdSense Mistakes

Your AdSense ads headings should be “advertisements” or “sponsored links” and make sure not to change them to something else to get your visitors to click on your ads.

AdSense is a valuable platform that provides a great way to monetize your website, so please don’t risk it by tampering with your code.

8. Stop Using Multiple Google AdSense Accounts

You might think it’s good to have 5 different Google AdSense accounts for 5 websites to target different audiences on each of your websites. But, in reality, this isn’t ethical.

One AdSense account can be used for all your websites. This will save you time and hassle and ensure your ads are appropriately served across all your properties.

image 15 Save Google AdSense Account from Ban: Google AdSense Mistakes

Google AdSense TOS clearly says that publishers can only maintain one AdSense account under the same payee name. Thus, you shouldn’t open another AdSense account if you already have one with the same name.

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How long does AdSense approval take?

The time it takes to get approved varies. Sometimes, it can be completed within 24 hours, but it generally takes up to two weeks.

What should I do to keep my AdSense account safe?

AdSense is essential to any online business, and you must protect your account from the ban. Following the simple Google AdSense policy, you can ensure your account remains safe and free from any ban.

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